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Dr Vivian Chan By Dr Vivian Chan • February 6, 2020

Building trust by helping firms empower consumers through science

Customer trust. This is the top prize for firms. Sparrho creates trust with bite-sized science. It educates an audience, turning them into trusting, paying customers for others.

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In 10 seconds? Sparrho is on a mission to restore faith in the facts and establish a world where firms are trusted and everyone can understand and benefit from science.

Why does it matter? Misinformation, misinterpretation and manipulation of scientific information is rife in the digital world and making it more and more difficult to know what to trust. When the stakes are high and your health or the environment depend on it, the importance of correct, scientific information being understood and responsibly distributed has never been more vital.

That makes sense. But what exactly do clients get? Sparrho helps firms and organisations stand out from the crowd and earn the trust of their customers by delivering cutting-edge and credible scientific insights to their target audience in their language. Objective scientific facts, turned into easy-to-read digests that have no jargon or opinions, attract customers more than buzzword-heavy campaigns ever could.  From our latest survey, scientists and high-income consumers prefer facts with little emotion in advertising and marketing, and close to 70% indicated that celebrity / influencer-led advertising is least likely to pique their interest. 

But how does this help brands? Sparrho delivers informed customers. By coupling the right level of content through the right digital channels, our approach raises awareness, acquires, engages and nurtures informed consumers. 

And where do you find these informed consumers? Where they normally spend their time - on social media. We've learnt how to optimise social media channels to target the right audience for our clients, and we can grab their attention with science-based, educational content and pique their interest to turn them into customers. We then help re-engage existing customers and drive brand penetration through trust.   

Well, so you say... How do you do it? We are democratising science by revolutionising access and understanding of research and allowing it to be distributed easily and responsibly. We use a blend of AI and a global network of PhD researchers to capture tens of millions of research articles, and retell them in a digested format (like the one you're reading now!) with links back to the evidence. 

Now, I'm intrigued. Have you got a case study? Sure! We recently partnered with a reputable fertility clinic in Los Angeles with the aim of supplying high-value customers to them. Our digested fertility science reached 48,672 unique consumers, captured 116 potential customers at a low cost and turned 7% into paying customers in a short period of time. The clinic's CEO called Sparrho "the holy grail of marketing: targeting an educated audience with educational content”. 

So, what are your future plans with this model? This model is scalable and replicable across all scientific sectors and our immediate focus is in health tech, Pharma, wellness and sustainability, where these sectors in the US and UK alone spend around $50bn in marketing. Sparrho can generate a $1bn turnover by partnering with over 3,000 healthcare brands in the next 10 years. And if that's not enough, you'll be happy to know that Sparrho is topic agnostic so this model can be to all scientific sectors and beyond.  

And why should I invest? There are facts. Then there are scientific facts. The word ‘fact’ can be misinterpreted. Scientific facts are undistorted truths derived from strict processes. We aim to become the "Stamp of Truth" highlighting this difference, which enables us to build a trusted world where firms empower consumers through science. 

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